Our Team

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Abraham Brown

Currently a member of the Dickson Poon School of Law, Abraham is predominantly responsible for the financial and managerial aspect of Three Wheel. His love for theatre and video means he often involves himself in the creative process and as a result of Three Wheel has experience as an actor, producer, writer and assistant director. As Three Wheel continues to grow, Abraham will continue to develop his strengths with the business side of the company, as well as having a great output to show his creativity.

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John Otteson

John is a writer, director and producer from Canterbury, Kent. He currently attends Met Film School in Ealing Studios, London where he learns the fundamentals of filmmaking while managing and developing upcoming projects. His background in child acting brings a unique, creative filmmaking instinct to his early and current work and his keen interest in business and productivity combine to produce films that are well managed and effectively produced while creatively innovative and well executed. Each of his films 'pushes the boundaries of his means'.