Our Team

Prior to co-founding Three Wheel, both Abraham and John would spend their free time either performing at their local theatre in plays together or writing and directing short films for their friends. It was their passion for the art and their distinct specialities which convinced them to turn their hobby into their career. Here is a little more information about them:

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Abraham Brown

Co-Owner / Producer, Writer, AD
Currently a member of the Dickson Poon School of Law, Abraham is predominantly responsible for the financial and managerial aspect of Three Wheel. His love for theatre and video means he often involves himself in the creative process and as a result of Three Wheel has experience as an actor, producer, writer and assistant director. As Three Wheel continues to grow, Abraham will continue to develop his strengths with the business side of the company, as well as having a great output to show his creativity. 


John Christian Otteson

Co-Owner / Director, Writer, Producer
John is a writer, director and producer from Canterbury, Kent. He currently attends Met Film School in Ealing Studios, London where he learns the fundamentals of filmmaking while managing and developing upcoming projects. His background in child acting brings a unique, creative filmmaking instinct to his early and current work and his keen interest in business and productivity combine to produce films that are well managed and effectively produced while creatively innovative and well executed. Each of his films 'pushes the boundaries of his means'.

As well as Chief Executive's Abraham and John, Three Wheel also has a wide list of associates and multiple-use crew that they bring onto their projects when needed. If you have seen one of our short films / other projects and would like to contact a member of cast or crew about potential hirings, please contact Three Wheel via our 'Contact' page or via email to team@threewheelentertainment.com.


Joseph Siddle

Joe started his acting career on stage and in spoken word before moving onto his training at Arts Educational Schools London from 2016-2019. Joe lead the film 'Connection' produced by Three Wheel in 2016.


Ollie Paxton

Ollie has been in the film industry from 15 years old and has garnered experience  as a DP and camera assistant in a wide range of projects including feature films, short films, music videos and commercials, boasting a CV over 30 projects long.