Connection (2016) - Short Film


Connection (2016) - Short Film

Connection was filmed in May 2016 and was a joint production between Three Wheel Entertainment and Black Box Cinema Ltd. At the time of shooting, this was only the third project Three Wheel had ever produced and was a huge step up for the TWE team. Jumping from a small film on a smartphone in our spare time to managing a crew of around 15 people brought on new challenges and gave us an insight into managing a larger-scale film with a budget and professional crew.

A young man from South London battles with ongoing schizophrenia and thoughts of suicide.

Rauri, a young man from south London, has been living with schizophrenia all his life, loosing touch with reality. On the brink of suicide, can he find the difference between whats real and whats in his head - including his best friend? A puzzle-piece phycological thriller in black & white.

Director / Producer: John Christian Otteson
Writer / Producer: Zach Goldman
Exec. Producer / 1st AD: Abraham Brown
Exec. Producer: Rosa Gensale
Cinematographer: Simon Rowling
Sound Operator: Paul Stuart
Lighting Assistant: Umang Naik
Make-Up Artist: Ilaria Raffaele
Props: Jenita Kaonda
Editor: Ben Goldman
Catering: Ashley Goldman
Runner: Dan Limb
Rauri: Joseph Siddle
Emily: Jada O'Neill
Steve: Troy Townsend
Pam: Julie Drew
Carol: Sue Bertos

Connection is available online now.