Fortune Favours The Poor (2014) - Stage Play


Fortune Favours The Poor (2014)

Fortune Favours The Poor was a play written by John and Abraham performed at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury on August 2nd 2014. It was entered into the Modern Heresies festival that was being run by the theatre for the 450 anniversary of Christopher Marlowe, in which six plays were chosen to be performed over two days. Of those six plays, FFTP was the only winning script submitted in the youth section - meaning two 17 year olds' first ever play stood with experienced writers. The play opened to a very positive response.

Two university friends reconnect after loosing touch 10 years previous. Now their lives are very different, one is a wealthy inventor with a loving family, the other is homeless and can't catch a break. 

Switching between the night they re-meet and a courtroom trial, the audience will take on the roll of the jury - hearing both the prosecution and defence - and decide for themselves what they think occurred that night.

Written by Abraham Brown and John Christian Otteson
Directed by Grace Irvine

Steven Laverty
Niall McDiad
Michael Otteson
Misha Khanbabaee-Fard

It is unlikely Fortune Favours The Poor will be performed anywhere else, therefore we've made the script available online below.