Prep. (2013) - Short Film


Prep. (2013) 

Prep. is the very first production ever made by Three Wheel Entertainment. Shot with nothing but an iPhone and basic household items, John and Abraham first stepped foot into their film career with this no-budget silent film.

A 1950's American gangster finishes up a days work of being a hit-man and uses his victims home to get ready for a date.

Dom DeArgo, a classic 1950's American-Italian mobster is, by day, a savage hit-man who brutally kills his targets and anyone standing in his way. However, the one thing he doesn't have is a romantic partner. As DeArgo uses his latest victims flat to get ready for his first date in years, he follows the steps given to him by his mob-boss Sal to freshen up and have a successful date. A psychotic-yet-sweet Noir / Crime silent film with a Romantic twist.

Prep. is available online now.

Writer / Director: John Christian Otteson
Colour: Farmhouse Films
Dom DeArgo: Abraham Brown
Male dead body: Michael Otteson
Female dead body: Kayti Tunbridge