The Restroom (2018) - Short Film

The Restroom (2018)

The Restroom is a short film by Three Wheel Entertainment that was crowdfunded, about to start its festival circuit. 

When the complicated relationship between two lovers reaches boiling point in the public restroom of a lunch interview, their conversation may reveal some true colours and hidden secrets.

Jack is a successful young adult in his mid-20's currently being interviewed for a job opening. This opportunity may never come again for him, so in order to impress, he has come with his partner Laura. However, when the two of them move their argument to the toilets to avoid making a scene, we realise that their relationship is not as simple as we once thought, and that these two have a long, tough, complicated history that will unfold during the course of this argument.

Successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in early 2017, The Restroom is to date the biggest production that Three Wheel has produced. Once post-production is complete on the short, it will be submitted into film festivals and be made available online in the near future.

Written and Directed by John Christian Otteson
Produced by  John Christian Otteson and Abraham Brown
Cinematography by Ollie Paxton
Sound Operating by Robert Momber
1st Assistant Director Abraham Brown
Edited by Charlie Morton

Jessica Niles as Laura
Johnathan Blakeley as Jack

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