To The Boats (2018) - short film


To The Boats (2018)


•Produced by John Christian Otteson, Danny Szam and James Robinson
•Directed by Michael Driscoll
•Written by Danny Szam (Story), John Christian Otteson (Screenplay) and Michael Driscoll (Screenplay).
•Cinematography by J P Garcia
•Focus Pulling by Chloe Deleplace
•AC / DIT Zane Garrett
•Sound Operating by Andrei-Tudor Grigore
•Drone Opperation by Jesse McGrane 
•Casting by Louise Collins
•Costume by Sam Murphy
•Composing by Steve Gibb
•Stills Photography by Jesse McGrane
•Make Up by Lisa Otterburn

Danny Szam as Ben
James Robinson as Jonny
Coco König as Sam
Art Malik as Prime Minister William Cairns